Aaron LeClaire

Aaron LeClaire

Vice President of Client Services

Grand Rapids, MI

Aaron LeClaire is a senior consultant with more than 15 years’ experience in philanthropy and nonprofit leadership. Aaron previously served as Executive Vice President of Programs for one of the largest Christian foundations in the country, where he acquired an intimate understanding of philanthropy, as well as an extensive knowledge of the entire grant-making process. His role included team leadership for the foundation’s grant-making team as well as sector emphases including leader development and justice & mercy.

In addition to extensive global ministry exposure and programmatic expertise, Aaron understands what makes donors tick – the questions they ask, as well as the answers they seek; their processes; and their idiosyncrasies. He uses that knowledge and experience to guide nonprofits to greater donor engagement in their fundraising efforts.

Aaron also has a keen understanding of nonprofits, gleaned from interacting with hundreds of ministries in more than 70 countries. He understands the challenges nonprofits face, and he knows the 80/20 solutions that will bring them to their next level of effectiveness. Aaron specializes in grants development, impact messaging, and strategic planning.

Aaron has studied theology and law, and is an avid lifelong learner. He is also a certified strategic planner, helping organizations achieve breakthrough clarity on where they are, where they need to go, and how best to get there.

Aaron has six children – his very own nonprofit center.

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