School Capital Campaigns 101: Everything you need to know but didn’t know to ask! 

During this one-hour webcast event, you’ll learn:

  • How do we know how much we can raise for our school?
  • Who should lead our capital campaign?
  • What is a pre-campaign feasibility study? Is it really necessary?
  • When is the best time of year to launch a capital campaign?
  • And much more!

Best Practices and Biggest Mistakes of a School Capital Campaign 

During this one-hour webcast event, you’ll learn:

  • How to set achievable goals for your school.
  • How to map out a timeline to stay on track.
  • How to maximize the impact to raise more money.
  • How to get your Board on board.
  • And much more!

Capital Campaigns 101 Q&A: Your Questions Answered by Our Team

During this one-hour webcast event, we’ll answer common questions like:

  • How should we determine our campaign goal?
  • How soon should we start planning our campaign?
  • Does our small school need a capital campaign consultant?
  • Do we need a fancy campaign brochure?
  • What role should our Board play in our campaign?
  • Can our school complete their own feasibility study or does an outside party need to do that? How important is it?
  • Plus your questions!

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